New Enterprise Forum Mentor
EISEM Bi-Monthly Meetings
Mentor to University of Michigan Entrepreneurship
Helped start more than 10 Companies
Mentored over 1000 people
Mentored over 100 companies  

Selected Speaking Engagements by Sector: (Some might repeat based on the sector)

Automation Alley
The m4 Summit in Digital Arts, Film and TV Social Network
Arab American National Museum
The International Council on Systems Engineering ( INCOSE)
Troy Chamber of Commerce
Oakland Leadership
Auburn Hills High School
Automation Alley Global Trade Mission- High Schools
International Academy of Design & Technology
Macomb Community College
Oakland Schools District
Plymouth Canton Education Park
Troy Schools District
University of Michigan- Dearborn
Walsh College
Wayne Community College
Annual Non-Profit Management Conference
First Presbyterian Churches
Peace and Justice in the Middle east Conference
Troy Business Education Round table
​Workplace Leadership Council

Consulting and Expertise:

Here are some of the events that we are proud to be part of:

Market Diversification:

Diversifying in a Flat World, A MANUFACTURING SYMPOSIUM American manufactures in Transition, Intro to Defense How to: Work Local, Think Global, Finding International Sales

Attracting and Retaining Talent:
Become an Employer of Choice™
Attract and Retain Top Talent in Southeast Michigan
Leveraging Multi Generation and Culture Workforce
Attracting and Retaining Multi Generation and Culture workforce
Seven Steps to Maximize the Enjoyment on Your Job
Tips and Tricks working a Job Fair™
Converting your resume to a 30 Second Commercial™

Middle East Conference
Diversity in a Box Even
Reel to Real
Understanding Arabs
Dealing with the Middle East
Engaging the Saudis
What to do when visiting Arabs
Avoiding Culture Clash

Global Education:
GTM (Global Trade Mission- High School)
University of Michigan International Entrepreneurship Activities
Guest Lecturer speakers at Lawrence Technological University
Guest speakers at the University of Michigan
Guest Lecturer speakers at several International Universities

Selected Professional Awards and Achievements:
• Faris Alami- Named Diversity Business Leader by Corp! Magazine (2008)
• Faris Alami- Member of the Year Finalist - Automation Alley (2008)
• Faris Alami- Chair- Workforce in Transition - Automation Alley (2008)
• Faris Alami- Co-Chair- Employer of Choice - Automation Alley (2008)
• Faris Alami - MBA Mentor - University of Michigan -  (’07- Current)
• Faris Alami - Public Relationships Champion - Global Trade Mission- Automation Alley (07)
• Faris Alami - Business Round table- CEO Advantage Business Coaching (’05- Current)
• Faris Alami - Business Coaching Team member - New Enterprise Form Coaching (’07- Current)
• Faris Alami - Chairperson – Workplace Leadership Council - Troy Chamber of Commerce (2006)
• Faris Alami - Ambassador of the Quarter - Troy Chamber of Commerce (’05)
• Faris Alami - Manager of the Month (May Company (14 consecutive months ) ‘00-‘01)
• Faris Alami - Standards of Excellence - Pure Beauty (’02-’03)
• Faris Alami - Outstanding Achievement Award - Pacific International  (‘97-’00)
• Faris Alami - Outstanding Loyalty & Dedication Award - Pacific International  (‘95, ‘97-‘00)