Sample topics that Faris Alami presents on:
  1. Arab American
  2. Attracting a multi Generation Multi Culture Workforce
  3. Becoming an Employee of Choice™ 
  4. Cross Culture and Interfaith relationships 
  5. Diverse Arab World 
  6. Diversity in a Box™
  7. Getting a Job by Understanding Generations
  8. Leveraging Multi Generation Multi Culture Workforce 
  9. Life as a Palestinian™
  10. Marketing to the Arab World
  11. Maximizing the Enjoyment on your job- life work balance
  12. My World/ Your World ™
  13. Thrive in Today's Economy Through Innovative Marketing™
  14. Time Management- The 4 Types
  15. Trips and Tricks on working a Job Fair™
  16. Turn Your Resume into a 30 Second Commercial™
  17. Understanding and Dealing with Iraqi’s
  18. Understanding Arab Culture
  19. World Connection-Bridging Culture
  20. Working with the Saudi’s 
  21. Welcome to Palestine 
  22. Innovative Ways of Marketing and Research 
  23. Books Summery- Marcus Buckingham 
  24. Avoiding Culture Clash
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