Faris Alami Media Room
Faris Alami Media Room
Corp! Magazine names Faris Alami Business Diversity Leader
Business Diversity Leader by Corp Magazine

Automation Alley Names Faris Alami as Member of the Year Finalist
Automation Alley Member of the Year Finalist

Faris Alami - ISM in the news
Integration Systems Management grows

Faris Alami - ISM
Entrepreneurs find hope despite state's low business rankings

Faris Alami - in MetroMode
Alami Startes ISM

Faris Alami- ISM goes International
ISM spreads its wings internationally with new work

Faris Alami - MBC Global names Faris Alami Middle-Eastern Culture Advisor
Middle-Eastern Culture Advisor

Article in The Michigan Journal 4/1/2008
The secret to less stress is not vacations, it's being organized

Article in The Michigan Journal 3/22/2008
Generation X brings mad skillz to the table

Article in The Michigan Journal 2/5/2008
Don't underestimate the value of older workers

Article in The Michigan Journal 1/22/2008
Productive Millennial Workforce

Article in The Michigan Journal 1/15/2008
Rewards in the Workplace

Global Trade Mission Leadership
Serve as Champion of Public Relations for GTM, 2008

Automation Alley - Employer of Choice
Employer of Choice Chair

Automation Alley - Professions in Transitions
Professions in Transitions Chair

Oakland Business Review - Strategies- Business Diversity
Oakland business Review 2007

MBC Global Advisory Board

Oakland Business Review - Entrepreneurs

Automation Alley

Automation Alley Professions in Transition

Named Chairperson of Workforce Leadership Council

Troy Chamber Committee involvement

Out and about at the Automation Alley

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Troy Chamber of Commerce names Faris Alami Ambassador of the Quarter for 2005.
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