Faris’ Backstory on Entrepreneurship

Faris got his start in entrepreneurship when he started his own t-shirt company to help nonprofits raise money for various causes. This company then evolved into selling perfumes and beauty supplies. Over 300 people were working in different states from 1991 to 2000 for this company. Then in early 2000 Faris joined Macy’s where he performed executive team leadership and management training. He won over 14 awards from suppliers at Macy’s for his loyalty and dedication. Executives were breaking records in several categories from Faris’ training.

Entrepreneurship Services

  • Lean startup coaching on business models

  • Business Model Canvas

  • Business advising

  • Incubation/Acceleration Support Services

  • Youth Entrepreneurship

  • Immigrant and Minority Entrepreneurship

  • Pitching

  • Startup Coaching

  • Growth Coaching

  • Funding Pitches

  • Entrepreneurship Strategies

  • Corporate Entrepreneurship

  • STEMpreneurship (add icon for trademark)



Faris is one of those rare individuals that leads by example, instills confidence in his abilities in others, and yet remains grounded and humble. He is one of the finest manager entrepreneurs I've ever met. It is always uplifting to work with him: his teams run faster, their work higher quality and the outcomes he achieves seem to be effortless. A classy, cosmopolitan guy that's a pleasure to work with.

-Paul Reagan, CEO Founder MOBEOUS

Where do I even begin to talk about Faris. When I first started working on the Michigan Shifting Gears program, I began working very closely with Faris to transition the program from TechTown to the MEDC. And then once it was transitioned, Faris remained very, very actively involved with the program, supporting in the roles of volunteer mentor, guest speaker, internship host company, and overall program champion. Faris brings the highest level of commitment and passion to everything he does. As busy as he was with his work at TechTown at the time, he never failed to be available to us to help us understand pieces of the program as we were taking it over. And then, again, was always willing to help us identify additional stakeholders for the program when we needed it. How to describe him? Committed. Passionate. Incredibly Hardworking. And you won't meet a nicer, more genuine person. I consider myself extremely blessed to have had the chance to work with him, and develop a great friendship, and to have him as part of my own professional network.

- Rhonda J. Pierce, Rockstar Program Manager

Faris is an energetic, effective networker. He works tirelessly to connect businesses and groups serving businesses to the right resources for growth and success. I have worked as a facilitator on Faris’ entrepreneurial training projects. He is an effective leader. He provides the framework and allows the team to use their unique talents to deliver the material effectively. He has a strong desire to learn and wants to continuously improve the content and process of projects to meet and exceed the expected deliverables. I would recommend Faris to lead a team to successfully manage a growth strategy.

-Gail Parker, CFE, LMSW