Youth Entrepreneurship  

Faris is very passionate about youth entrepreneurship! Teaching kids about entrepreneurship at a young age gives them the chance to start a business early or know the fundamentals to help a business reach their goals. One of the programs Faris founded to help the youth learn about entrepreneurship is called Global Trade Mission. Learn more about the program below.


What is Global Trade Mission?

Each year students engage in an intensive, three-day, hands-on virtual learning experience that simulates an entrepreneurial and business international trade mission. Through this extraordinary opportunity, awareness is created around exciting careers in entrepreneurial and international business in high-tech industries; many in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. We call this STEMpreneurship ®.  

Check out our Oakland County High School Program here

How does the mission work?

Cross-district student teams from area high schools are formed to create their unique business export plan, and then present it to an expert panel. Business coaches work with students to assist with research and design, using international videoconferences, internet research, and email “lifelines.”


What are the benefits for students to participate?
Student participants gain a unique understanding in the subject matters of global trade, entrepreneurship, business and culture, along with experiencing personal growth. This includes learning skills regarding communication, use of global technology, teamwork, diversity, career awareness and planning, and exposure to business coaches and mentors.

Academic, interpersonal and workplace skills are critical in GTM, as one outstanding team is awarded the "Exportsmanship Award" for outstanding teamwork, problem solving, and cooperation in developing a business plan.

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